Mr. Abdul Matlub Ahmad

(Honorable Chairman)

Mr. Matlub Ahmad started his business carrier in 1981 and eventually in 1990 he went into joint venture with Tata Motors under the banner of Nitol Motors. It has spawned many new employment, business opportunity like Nita Joint Venture, Nitol Cement, Nitol Insurance, Nitol Leasing Company, Niloy Hero Motors, Nitol Curtis Paper Mill, Kaliachapra Sugar Mill etc.

that has widen business and employment opportunity in the country as a whole. Besides his number of other social activities, he is actively involved and very much concerned with environmental pollution to keep the world safe and secure place for the future generation. For the first time car rally has been sponsored by him on 2014 in Dhaka. Mr. Abdul Matlub Ahmad is a Business Graduate from Oxford, UK and shines with his brilliance in academics and Business world. This genius was born in 1952. He is happily married to Ms. Selima Ahmad winner of Oslo Business for Peace Award and is blessed with two star boys- upcoming business leader of the country, Mr. Abdul Musabbir Ahmad (Nitol) and Mr. Abdul Marib Ahmad (Niloy). Mr. Abdul Matlub Ahmad has been elected as a president of the Federation of Bangladesh Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FBCCI). The biennial election to the apex trade body was held at its office in Dhaka on 23rd May 2015. Unnayan Parishad panel led by Nitol Niloy Group Chairman Abdul Matlub Ahmad won the biennial election of the Federation of Bangladesh Chambers of Commerce and Industry. The panel bagged 25 director posts out of 32. The panel got 13 posts in association group and 12 posts in chamber group. Ahmad has been nominated from the Rajshahi Chamber of Commerce and Industry as a director of FBCCI. He is the longest served IBCCI President and leader of diversified business opportunity for our country in national and International forum.

Mrs. Selima Ahmad

(Honorable Vice Chairman)

The honorable NNG Vice Chairperson Mrs. Selima Ahmad, most famous Women Entrepreneurship Leader of Bangladesh. She obtained graduation and Masters in Business Management from Dhaka University and did short courses from, Japan, Denmark and Canada. She is a Fellow of Stanford University ,USA. She is the Director of HRD of NNG Group,

founder president of Bangladesh Women’s Chamber Of Commerce & Industry and also the Director Sonali Bank. She is very hard working and very conscious about Group, so that the group stands today at its premium stage. corporate social responsibility (CSR). She has been playing a dynamic role for Nitol Niloy Group, so that the group stands today at its premium stage. She has been invited as a speaker in many national and international seminars. She achieved many prestigious recognition and awards globally. She was awarded with world’s most coveted prize after Nobel Prize, the prestigious ‘OSLO Business for Peace. Ms. Selima Ahmad is also the founder of the Bangladesh Women Chamber of Commerce and Industry (BWCCI), she was acutely aware of the need for a national body, which represented the interests and supported the initiatives of women entrepreneurs. As a successful businesswomen herself with longstanding experience in the private sector, Ahmad took the initiative to form a Chamber of Commerce devoted exclusively to facilitating the advancement of women entrepreneurs. She has been appointed by the Bangladesh Government as board of director of Bangladesh Development Bank limited.

Mr. Abdul Musabbir Ahmad

(Honorable Managing Director)

Abdul Musabbir Ahmad (Nitol) is the eldest son of Mr Abdul Matlub Ahmad and Ms Selima Ahmad acting as a Managing Director of Nitol Niloy Group (NNG). Mr. Musabbir is an energetic, dynamic and farsighted industrialist with visionary zeal and posses extraordinary power of digital knowledge. Under the leadership of Mr Musabbir the group businesses are

endlessly growing such as Niloy Motors Ltd (Niloy Hero), NITS, N-Reach, Radio Next 93.2 FM, Nitol Electronics Ltd, Nitol Marketing Co (Tire & Rubber), Nitol Tire Industry Ltd. Mr Musabbir is an Executive Member of IBCCI (India Bangladesh Chamber of Commerce and Industry), DCCI (Dhaka Chamber of Commerce and Industry), BAAMA (Bangladesh Automotives Assembles & Manufacturer Association), and ALC (Association of Listed Companies). He is also the Chairman of NITS Service (Pvt.) Ltd, and Niloy Cement Industries Ltd. Besides, he is the MD of NITA (Nitol-TATA), Driving Training School (DTS) – joint venture businesses with TATA India and Niloy Hero Motocorp Ltd. Abdul Musabbir Ahmad took active part in many International business meetings, seminars, symposia and trade fairs in USA, UK, Europe, Middle East, Far East, China and the SAARC countries. He is involved with many social organizations and sponsor of NITOL TATA Football League and Golf Tournament in Bangladesh.

Mr. Abdul Marib Ahmad

(Honorable Vice Chairman)

Mr. Abdul Marib Ahmad (Niloy) is the Vice Chairman of Nitol-Niloy Group. He is the youngest talented, energetic, a prominent strategist in Bangladesh, who is the youngest son of living legendary business leader Abdul Matlub Ahmad and Ms Selima Ahmad. He has played a pivotal role in taking decision for various companies such as Nitol Tata commercial vehicles,

Nitol Tata Sales Division, Operating Division, TATA Passenger Car Business Unit, Niloy Cement Industry (Public Limited). He is playing a role as a market strategist of Nitol Motors since 2013 and has got extraordinary control over the subject. He completed his Bachelor of Business (Marketing) from James Cook University, Australia and Nilai University, Malaysia.

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